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News » In opinion game, you win some and lose some

In opinion game, you win some and lose some

In opinion game, you win some and lose some
This entry marks my 1,000th story for FOXSports.com, the first one being posted on July 9, 2004. During that time, I've expressed my opinions on a wide variety of people and events that have turned up in the basketball universe. Some of these opinions were right on. Some were way off base.

"(Steve Nash) is the jewel of the free agent signings. Like (gasp!) Larry Bird, Nash has the ability/instinct for seeing (and moving into) open spaces before they actually open, for being able to play the game a heartbeat ahead of everybody else."

No. 30 — September 3, 2004: Evaluating coaches

"It says here that Lenny Wilkens should walk away while the walking's good. The Knicks will only break his heart and Zeke will eventually run him out of town."

No. 35 — September 13, 2004: Evaluating coaches

"Look for a cold, hard and frequently nasty season as the decertified Doc Rivers tries to perform a miracle cure in Boston."

No. 58 — October 28, 2004: Season preview: Cleveland

"Young player to watch: Who else except LeBron? His inconsistent hand mechanics make every jump shot an adventure. But in his sophomore season, the game-time action should slow down so that his understanding will encompass a wider and deeper view of the court."

No. 63 — November 2, 2004: Underrated players

"(James Posey is) about this far away from being a stopper on defense."

No. 72 — November 17, 2004: Isiah Thomas

"The biggest picture is that Isiah Thomas is a phony, and under his guidance the Knicks are destined to be only good enough to break the hearts of their devoted fans."

No. 81 — December 2, 2004: Cavaliers vs. Suns

"James is obviously a very talented young player, who's fortunate enough to be playing at a time when (for various reasons) the caliber of NBA action is on a downswing. He's also a savvy, unselfish player with an accelerated learning curve. Look for him to be a truly dominant player in the next few years."

No. 10 — August 2, 2004: Forecast of Athens Olympics

"Bet on Team USA to lose at least one close contest early, but to win the only game that counts — the last one played."

No. 63 — November 4, 2004: Underrated players

"If he had hops, Gordan Giricek would be too good to be true."

No. 95 — December 28, 2004: Most improved players

"... (Bobby) Simmons has already reached the point where he could be the go-to scorer on the second unit of an elite team."

No. 130 — February 24, 2005: Jiri Welsch traded to Cleveland

"A terrific pickup for the Cavaliers!"

No. 141 — March 13, 2005: On Sebastian Telfair

"Defense is a huge problem area for Telfair. He needs to spend large portions of the offseason in the weight room, and he also needs to refine his jump shot. That said, the kid certainly has the goods and the temperament to run a team and to run it well."

No. 211 — June 17, 2005: NBA Finals, Game 4: Spurs vs. Pistons

"Yogi Berra famously said, 'It ain't over till it's over.' But even though the games stand at 2-2, the series surely does look like it's already over."

By the way, this was my last prediction:

No. 968 — May 31, 2009: NBA Finals preview

"Lakers in five."

Author: Fox Sports
Author's Website: http://www.foxsports.com
Added: August 24, 2009


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